A real asset

As far as I am concerned, all girls should have a Yorkshire Terrier in their life. I recently lost my little Yorkshire Terrier and I ended up completely heartbroken. Not only was he the sweetest dog that I had ever owned, but he was also the pluckiest. He used to come with me to London escorts, and if he did not like one of my dates, I did not use to let them in through the door. Charlie, that was his name, never wrung and a real asset to me at London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org.


The other girls at used to like him as well. Unlike other Yorkshire Terries, he was not one of those silly Yorkies with a pink bow and I never used to dress him. Instead, Charlie always looked a little bit scruffy and I guess that I liked him that way. It did not seem to matter how many beauty treatments my friends and me at London escorts, he never looked neat and tidy. But, he was great fun to be with and when he died, he was 19 years old.


I did not think that I would want another dog in my life. My London escorts career was going great and I loved my job. But at the same time, I felt that my life was empty without a dog in it. Even some of the men I dated at London escorts kept asking me if I was planning to get a dog again. One weekend, I realized how much I missed Charlie. A couple of minutes later I was on the Battersea Dogs Home website and had found myself the perfect little friend. It did not take me long to make friends with the little Yorkie, and we were soon in what I would call a relationship.


All of the girls at London escorts are crazy about my new furry friend. He is really cute but at the same time, he has a lot of get up and go. What I like about dogs is that they are so affectionate. The new man in my life is not scared of showing me affection in public and absolutely showers me in kisses when we have been apart. Unlike human men in my life, he does not complain about what I look like first thing in the morning. Instead, he jumps up on my bed and wants to go for a walk.


My new friend is also called Charlie. He comes to work with me every day at London escorts and loves it. Like my other Charlie he seems to know what is expected of him. He curls up when I am busy dating, and when we have finished for the evening, we go home together. At this stage in my life, I really don’t feel that I need a human male in my life. Sure, I enjoy the company of the gentlemen that I date at London escorts but I don’t need anything else. Charlie number two is the perfect companion and knows how to be the perfect gentleman at all times


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