Do Escorts Eat Pizza?

Are you wondering how London escorts manage to keep their lovely sexy figures? Well, it is not by eating pizza. But then again, the odd slice of pizza is not going to do you any harm. Like all other girls, London escorts do like to go out and enjoy the odd slice of pizza. As we all know, London is not a cheap place to eat out in. Going out for pizza or a cheap Chinese meal is one of the most popular ways to socialise in London when you want to stay connected with your friends. Even London escorts go out for pizza.

Do London escorts worry about everything that passes between their lips? London escorts do keep an eye on what they eat. There are certain foods that London escorts would not dream of over indulging in. Most of escorts in London that fish is a very healthy protein and will help you to stay slim. Eating with vegetables, fish really does help to keep the pounds of and make sure that you don’t develop too much cellulite at the same time. It is one of the reasons escorts in London eat a lot of fish.

What is the right time of the day to eat fish? The Japanese think that eating fish is right at any time of the day. In Japan, it is not uncommon to start the day with fish and some sort of soup based dish. It helps you to keep the weight off and is also very good for your digestion. Japanese London escorts often stick to their traditional diet when they work in London. If you work for a London escorts agency, and would like to keep an eye on your figure, it is a good idea to check out the Japanese diet.

Staying away from fatty red meats will also help you to keep the weight off and stay healthy at the same time. Instead of eating red meat, you will find that many London escorts opt for chicken instead. Chicken is relatively inexpensive and is packed with healthy low fat protein that are easy to digest. The better your digestion works, the easier it will be for you to control your weight. A good idea is to take a probiotic to make sure your digestive system works well.

Are London escorts into diet supplements? The diet supplement industry in the UK is huge. While there are London escorts who do spend their hard earned cash on diet supplements, most of the girls prefer to eat a healthy diet and exercise. When it comes to staying slim and fit, exercise plays a huge role. Should you exercise inside or outside? Exercising outside is really good for you, but you do need to be careful. Remember that London is very polluted and exercising outside on a day with high pollution levels is bad for you. So, the answer to the question is yes. London escorts do eat pizza but, as they say, there is more to life than pizza.


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