Reducing Fluid Retention

We suffer fluid retention for all sorts of reasons. Women suffer fluid retention more than men do, and most of the time it is down to hormones. Unless you are on the Pill, they go up and down all of the time, and it is not easy to control your hormones. Recently I have been suffering from fluid retention. I was not sure how it all started, but it seems to go back to when I had a throat infection and had to go on antibiotics and have a week off from Bond Street escorts of


When I got back to Bond Street escorts, I felt tired all of the time and my ankles started to swell up.  Not only that, but I was bloated all of the time as well, and I did not feel right at all. A couple of the girls at Bond Street escorts noticed that I was not feeling well an encouraged me to go back to the doctor. He thought that there may be something wrong with my kidneys but all of the tests came back clear and that made me feel better.


However, the good that made me feel, the doctor could not help me at all, and out of desperation I ended up seeing a naturopath. She explained that antibiotics can alter your hormonal balance and this will make you retain water. The best thing I could would be to try some alternative treatment methods and after a bit of persuasion, I agreed to do just that. Some of the girls at Bond Street escorts have had very good results from alternative medicine, and it was not long before I started to feel better.


One of the first thing I did was to cut out sugar. Instead of putting sugar on my porridge in the morning, I started to have a banana or nuts with my porridge. Within a couple of days I felt a lot better, and it was a little bit like losing weight. I thought I was going to feel more tired but in fact I ended up feeling a lot better and had more energy as well. It was one of the best things I had ever done, and I was soon recommending a healthier diet to the girls at Bond Street escorts.


Sugar has a lot to do with your hormones, but my hormones needed to be re-balanced after my antibiotics. I had never tried homeopathy before so when the naturopath suggested that I was a bit anxious. However to feel better I was willing to try anything I took the remedy the naturopath had recommended to me. It seemed to simple some how but after a couple of hours I felt so much better. Now I am a big follower of homeopathy but that is not the only thing I am into. Things like yoga and tai chi has helped me a lot, and I am glad to say that many of the other girls at Bond Street escorts say that it has been good for them. We should not be afraid to try the alternatives. Most of them work even better than conventional medicine.



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